It is a system for easy creation of investment platforms. This is the logic of the website: management of payment systems, the creation of deposits tracking deposits and payments, posting information and news. On the engine you can put any of the themes (templates) that are on display (, but also to make a unique design or supply of any website template.
This change of the elements of visual identification of the site. Change logo, images and colors on the website (no HTML recoding - changing units, moving, adding a new one).
The engine provides for a flexible adjustment of tariff plans, but if you want some elegance, which is not included in standard functionality, it can be modified for an additional fee. Setting the standard plans included in the turnkey project.
This is the finished appearance of a web resource that represents an HTML page or collection in the same style.
A graphical representation of an advertisement. Banners are placed to attract customers, to inform or to create a positive image.
The system of payments between financial institutions, business organizations and Internet users in buying and selling of goods and for various services through the Internet.
A change in the structure of the site and site elements, the transfer of the blocks to pages, add pages using html code.
This method of cooperation between a company and its customer where an existing customer gets rewarded for leading new customers from among personal acquaintances.
This is a unique address that is a static IP. A dedicated IP address necessary, so you are not confused with other websites.
A digital certificate issued by the certification authority, electronic or paper document confirming belonging to the owner of the public key or any of the attributes.
This is the address (name) of the website on the Internet, consisting of a set of characters and numbers. Each domain name on the Internet is unique. The maximum length of the domain name (between the dots) is 63 character.
Service to provide resources for posting information on servers residing in the network.
The terms of the investment in the project that describe the investment period, the amount and profitability, the conditions of the affiliate program.
Is a service that collects online all funds received by the website, an online store and their further transfer to the accounts of the client company.
How we work
Contact us
To order the project or any other product , You need to write us: , or @blitz_market_bot
Next, we calculate the bill (based on your requirements), then You pay 50% in advance. To stealth is possible via Perfect Money USD; Advanced Cash USD, RUB; Payeer USD, RUB; Yandex.Money RUB; Qiwi, BitCoin, Ethereum
The project
We carry out the project as soon as everything is ready, we contact you, you check, pay the remaining 50% and we will give you access.
Analysis of accounts
The account structure on the example of "turnkey Project".
  • Demo No. layout of the site.
  • License for script Blitz-Script 4.x (in 1 month. - CMS (HYIPLICENSE).
  • Blitz-Host (EXCLUSIVE) (1 month) - rate hosting (BLITZ-HOST).
  • Blitz-Host dedicated ip (1 month supply) - unique IP address.
  • SSL (1 year) - digital certificate.
  • Domain (1 year) the name of the site.
  • Redesign - "restyling" of the site (change the color and pictures).
  • Banners - GIF files for advertising.
  • Materials for Your group VK set of images for styling.
  • Configuring payment systems - connection of purses and Cass
  • Project setup - setting of tariffs, Ref. program and so on.
Project settings and payment systems when you order "Project turnkey" - For FREE!
Additional information
All demos are updated and prepared prior to sale, individually for You.
All our products are technically complex digital goods, which for reasons of sound logic may not be returned physically.
All additions which are not on the template will be added to the website as revision (for a fee).
Technical support
We have free technical support. There are also paid services within the framework of technical support. For questions you can contact the live chat on the website , or @blitz_market_bot
The story of one of the order

Hello friend, I am a customer as well, and you.

One fine evening, I decided! Make HYIP! Been looking on Google and realized that order in the Studio is better and safer. Chose Blitz market, for reviews.

Very friendly and positive Manager, responded to me almost instantly. Serious manner dialogue, quickly turned into a friendly conversation, with humor and a great mood.

The Manager helped with the selection of demos and we put together a technical specification - he threw off a list of questions, I honestly fell into a momentary coma! But it is all laid out on shelves, I received answers to all their questions and more. Helped me to understand what I wanted and how to make it prettier. And what is the redesign: it's simple - a change of colors and images, the most pleasant reduse the price and the fact that the site did not know). At least a thousand competitors to start on this template I'm still going to stand out!

Discussed the tariff plans, there is even simpler turned out to be! It's like a Bank, the rates in which your clients invest, you need to come up with the percentage, duration and minimum and maximum contribution. Five minutes and we Manager has thought through the divine plan!

Also quickly made a referral program, I wonder what is? Here with my Manager and ask))) What else is in it... And ordered the registration of the company and green Bar. The company that my project looked like a good Bank, but the green Bar (green bar in the address bar) is generally a solid project!

Added banners without which the promotion of the project solidifies the package in the mail! Materials for processing in the VC group I did not take, well broke me to lead a group.

Well agreed deadlines (3 working days on standard turn-key project!!!), 50% prepayment of the total order, then threw the rest of it only after checking the project! Scared that then wants to change something will be sent, disappointed, after the delivery of the project was near, not once saved customer payment instant solution of the problems. The guardian angels of my project!

*Not one year has shown that we efficiently and happily doing our job!